Hotels and Camping in Ashton-Ground Zero


Anglers Inn Motel (208) 652-7065 in Ashton, ID. Keep in mind that some rooms can sleep up to six!

Rankin Motel 208-562-3570 in Ashton, ID.

Motel rooms and cabins just a mile from the starting line. Great little place with everything you could need and low prices. $80 for 3-4 persons.

Log Cabin Motel 208-652-3956 in Ashton, ID.

Directly across the street from the high school starting line. Call early as these rooms go fast.

Eagle Peak Lodge and RV Park 208-652-3699 in Ashton, ID

Newly renovated and close to the start. 2 Queen beds for just $99 a night. Also offers great rates on RV parking for those who want to rough it. (used to be called the Ashton Inn and RV Park)

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